Electric city solutions™ is a leader in new technology lighting systems

Over the past 5 years, advancement in new LED (Light Emitting Diodes) coupled with new technologies in active sensors is rapidly changing lighting options for the industry. ELECTRIC CITY™ Solutions is a Canadian company, founded on a simple principle to be the leader in this emerging, high tech, next generation, energy-efficient lighting industry:

  • We conduct detailed energy consumption audits for our customers.
  • We source and sell the latest technologies in lightning solutions.
  • Our certified electricians install and service the products we sell.
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Experience Matters


  • Immediate, reliable energy reductions
  • Process and productivity improvements
  • Industrial competitiveness and environmental attributes


  • Significant savings in energy/electricity bills lower operating costs
  • Improving employee productivity
  • Higher future Capital value
  • Competitive advantage – more efficient buildings are easier to sell and lease


  • Improving the Quality of Lighting within the retail space
  • Enhancing the customer experience
  • Creating a more pleasant shopping environment


Since 2008, Ontario energy costs (time of use rates*) to industry has climbed by 34%. Government expects the industrial rate will continue by 2.7% per year for the next 20 years.

  • New LED lighting technologies can reduce electrical energy lighting costs by up to 80%,while maintaining the same light levels.
  • New technology “on/off” sensor systems manage energy demand efficiencies.
  • New LED technologies enhance workplace productivity and safety.
  • Rebates can be as high as 1/3 of the retrofitting costs.

The financial savings from switching to new LED lighting will offset the retrofitting cost in less than 2 years**. We even provide financing; we can tailor a plan that will even lower your monthly electrical bills starting today – with no upfront cost to you (on approved credit).

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* Source: IESO/OPA – Ontario Power Authority

** Average (each situation is a little different). Our detailed quote will identify your actual return.

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